Welcome to the KRISHI KONNECT , India's first Classified for Agri-Commodities and Directory of Agri-Traders. Krishi Konnect provides the online platform for Traders, Individual Farmers and consumers of agri-commodities (Cereals, Pulses and Seeds, Oil Seeds, Spices, Dry Fruits, Flours, Fiber Crops and Others), to connect with each other to buy or sell agri-commodities and services.

Headquartered in Jaipur (Rajasthan) , Krishi Konnect was launched in November 2015. Krishi Konnect operates across India from all the top cities to small villages.The Agri-Commodity traders from more than 3200 Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti, No-Mandi Traders, Individual and Farmers can directly buy or sell their commodities using Krishi Konnect. Considering India's multilingual consumers, Intially the website is available in four languages (Hindi, English, Gujrati and Marathi) and in future it will be available in other regional languages as well. Krishi Konnect can easily be accessed using any type of Mobile/Desktop devices.

KRISHI KONNECT has categorized all the consumers in following four traders -

Krishi Mandi Traders - All Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti's/Board's Registered traders, who generally buys the commodities from Farmers under the supervision of APMC(Agricultural produce market committee).

Non-Krishi Mandi Traders - The Company/Traders who are not Krishi Upaj Mandi Samiti's/Board's registered traders and trade in outside the mandi market.

Krishi Konnect Traders - KRISHI KONNECT introduces virtual traders who doesn't own any commodities but they can buy or sell agri-commodities by posting ads on Krishi Konnect, as an individual or on behalf of a Farmer, Krishi Mandi Trader or Non-Krishi Mandi Trader. Any individual, Farmer or trader who doesn't have the krishi konnect account can contact their nearest Krishi Konnect Trader and advertise their request to buy or sell the agri-commodities. Any individual who wants to be a Krishi Konnnect traders has to create a Krishi Konnect Account as Krishi Konnect Trader and follow the terms and conditions.

Individuals/Farmers - All Individual consumers such as Farmers or non-farmers who buy or sell the agri-commodities, are kept under this category.

The Farmers/Individual consumers can use the Krishi Konnect services for FREE where as Krishi Mandi Traders, Non-Mandi Traders and Krishi Konnect Traders have to pay an annual fees to use the Krishi Konnect and its services.

Krishi Konnect's main features include My Wish List, My Favourite Trader, Ad Manager, Post New Ad and Customised Website for the registered traders. Krishi Konnect understands that every traders wants their individual presence in the market, considering that Krishi Konnect allows the traders to build customized website of their business and make the presence on the internet. The added traders or companies will be shown in traders directory search results.

For more details , Please refer to the help section.

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